Clip Gripz 80 pcs


Great for sizes New Born up to Toddlers*we even have teen & adults that use Clip Gripz*
80 pcs Clip Gripz per pack*
Just Peel & Stick with easy to trim for custom size*
Conforms to any Clip with or with out Ribbon lining*
Clip Gripz fit Perfect on all Single, Double Prong & even Itty Bitty Alligator Clips*
CPSIA Approved*
Offer your customers Environmentally safe Clip Grips
Best of all Latex Free

Resell and trade name rights "Clip Gripz". You have the right to use Clip Gripz trade name if you are sell products containing Clip Gripz or selling our made for retail Clip Gripz product packs! Check our wholesale section for resell offers.

We also Offer our all New Web Dealer Link exchange too Clip Gripz web site and back to yours.

Email us for more Information.

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