TabbyTemplates Starter Set & Yahoo group access


You will get Our Angel Starter Set & Unlimited Tabby Templstes yahoo group membership with all Instructions & updates for No Extra charge. Please note we do not send Instructions or a booklet at this time. You may download and print all Instructions or just the ones you need at the time. You can always come back to the Tabby Template Yahoo Group and go to the files section for all updates & printable Instructions.
You will get all 8 templates with 11 sizes and Instructions to get you started.
6" also has a  2 3/4" on left side*
5 1/2" also has a 2 1/2" on left side*
5" *
4 1/2" *
3 1/2" *
3" *
2" also has a 7/8"size on left side of this template *
You get a Starter kit with everything you will need to get you going on your way to making your first hair bows with perfect loops every time (See picture). Your own items you may need scissors, glue, needle & thread or floss but, we will send everything else you will need to be on your way and in to Bow Heaven.
There will be a list of helpful hints to use we call them Tricks of Tabby Templates in the files by TabbyTemplates Instruction professionals.
Watch for your Invite to our Tabby Template yahoo group for all your Instructions & always free updates & extra instructions or request membership and include your invoice number.


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