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Color Guides M2M

Please remember these are shared with you from other bow makers and always check what colors you think match best. If you have a color charts you can match the color to both brands Schiff or Offray.

2009 Lines

Happy Rainbow - Yellow, Misty Turquoise, White, Nora, Light Pink *OFFRAY: Spring Moss

Fashion Flower - Apple Green, Lime, Light Navy, Dark Royal, Aquamarine, White

Social Butterfly  - Yellow, Creamsicle, Lemongrass, Pink Passion, White, Tomato

Special Occasion  - Light Ivory, Rose Pink, Pistachio

2008 Lines

Daisy Days  - Yellow, Creamsicle, White, Neon Orange, Emerald, Dark Navy

Wild One - Black, Light Ivory, Shocking Pink, Hot Pink

Candy Shoppe - Dark Navy, Shocking Pink, Pistachio, Orange, Pansy, Yellow, Pink, Light Ivory *OFFRAY: Moss

Dots of Fun - Brown, Light Ivory, Wild Orchid, Pistachio, Azalea, Festive Fuchsia

Winter Snowflake - Light Ivory, Pink, Light Blue, Cranberry, Brown

Sweeter Than Chocolate - Baby Pink, Hot Pink, Shocking Pink, Brown, Light Ivory add our custom Sweeter Than Choc ribbon on white gg

Central Park Skater - Millennium Silver, Light Blue, Blue, White & our TabbyWabby Custom Ice Skate ribbons in Lt.pink, Lt. blue, white skates

Holiday Friend - Millennium Silver, Grey, Black, Light Ivory, Cranberry

Holiday Pictures - Cranberry, Black, Light Ivory

City Sparkle - Gold Metallic, Brown, Light Ivory

Fall Forest - Light Ivory, Baby Pink, Shocking Pink, Creamsicle, Rust, Lemongrass, Moss (Offray), Dark Navy, Deep Plum

Rising Star - Baby Pink, Old Rose, Silver Metallic, Deep Plum or a dark grape

Full of Heart  - White, Red, Pink Passion, Hot Pink, Baby Pink

Lots of Dots - Brown, Light Blue, Blueberry, Pink, Shocking Pink, Lemonade, Light Ivory, Apple Green,  Ginger

Classroom Kitty - Millennium Silver, Grey, Flannel Grey, Shocking Pink, Baby Pink, Celadon, Light Ivory

Prep School - Baby Pink, Dark Navy, Red, Emerald, Light Ivory

Petite Mademoiselle - Dark Navy, Lavender, Celadon, Millennium Blue

Uniform Shop - Khaki, Dark Navy, White

Beach Shack - Pistachio, Dusty Rose, Creamsicle, Light Navy, Moss, Light Ivory, Light Pink

Palm Springs - Lemongrass, Shocking Pink, Wild Orchid, Navajo Turquoise, Light Blue, White, Pistachio

Red, White & Blue - Cranberry, Dark Navy, White

Lady Daisy - Yellow, White, Black, Lemongrass

Cherry Baby - Red, Hot Pink, Yellow, White, Apple Green *Offray: Torrid Orange

Lady Daisy - Yellow, White, Black, Lemon grass *Offray

Tropical Garden - Aquamarine, White, Apricot, Old Rose, Light Pink, OrangeCream, Lemongrass *Offray: Coral, Moss

Tennis Match - White, Shocking Pink, Hot Pink, Turquoise, Blue, Apple Green, Lemongrass {Offray}

Ice Cream Social -White, Brown, Rose Pink, Blue, Oatmeal, Pistachio {Offray}, Wild Orchid {Offray}

Spring Rainbow - B/ Cream, Turquoise, White, Light Blue, French Pink {Offray}, Wild Orchid {*Offray}, *OrangeCream {Offray}, Lemongrass {Offray}

Sweet Heart - Red, White anything hearts

Tropical Garden - Aquamarine, White, Apricot or drk peach, Lt.Pink {Offray} Corall, OrangeCream, Moss, Lemongrass

2007 Lines

Holland Days - Tomato, Red, Lime, Capri Blue, Light Ivory, Dark Navy

Tres Chic - Rose Pink, Black, White, Hot Pink, Shocking Pink

Cupcake Cutie - Apple Green, Robins Egg Blue, Rose Pink, Orange, Red, White, Shocking Pink, Brown, Sapphire

The Ballet Light - Ivory, Rose Pink, Grey

Snow Princess - Rose Pink, Pink, Blue, Blueberry, Light Ivory, Celadon, Emerald

Winter Glam - Brown, Light Ivory, Rose Pink, Light Pink

Mountain Cabin - Cranberry, Millennium Blue, Lemonade, Tomato, Evergreen, Olive

Glamour Kitty - Black, Taupe, Oatmeal, Cranberry

Holiday Classics - Black, Light Ivory, Cranberry, Dark Navy, Evergreen

Beautiful Luxe - Light Ivory, Gold Metallic

Girl Detective - Mauve, Rose Pink, Light Ivory, Celadon, Brown, Taupe

City Girl - Light Ivory, Dark Navy, Harvest Leaves Cranberry, Maroon, Orange, Light Ivory, Light Pink, Celadon, Olive, Gold

Equestrian Club - Lemonade, Brown, Light Blue, Olive, Evergreen, Pecan

Schoolgirls Rock - Cranberry, Light Pink, Dark Navy, White, Millennium Silver Royal Gardens Olive, Festive Fuchsia, Light Ivory, Rose Pink, Gold Metallic

Bon Voyage - Dark Navy, Red, Light Ivory, Grey, Millennium Silver

Savanna Sunset - Rust, Orange, Brown, Turftan, Taupe, Olive, Celadon, Festive Fuchsia, Light Ivory

Strawberry Farm - Red, Millennium Blue, Blue, Banana, White, Rose Pink

Coral Reef - Mauve, Coral, Old Rose, Apricot, Papaya, Yellow Gold, Maroon, Celadon, Spring Moss, Olive, Light Ivory

Candy Apple - Apple Green, Lime, Azalea, Sapphire, Robins Egg Blue, Pink, White

Mixed Doubles - Apple Green, White, Millennium Blue, Pink

Island Getaway - Papaya, Sugar Plum, Banana, Blue, Red, White, Olive, Lime, Turftan, Oatmeal

Parisian Rose - Hot Pink, Rose Pink, Pink, Dark Navy, White

Sunflower Fields - Apple Green, Spring Moss, Yellow, Yellow Gold, Pink, White, Taupe

Love is in the Air - Wisteria, Celadon, Yellow, Old Rose, Yellow Gold, Light Pink, Hot Pink, Red, Capri Blue, Dark Royal, Apple Green, Olive, White

Tea Garden - Dark Orchid, Tropic Lilac, Apricot, Coral, Olive, Celadon, Cranberry, Aquamarine, White

2006 Lines

Wish You Were Here - Light Navy, Blueberry, Red, Yellow, Blue, Old Rose, Spring Moss, White, Apple Green, Celadon

Snow Blossom - Brown, Light Ivory, Orange, Apricot, Millennium Blue, Neon Green, Festive Fuchsia, Dark Orchid, Shocking Pink

Park City Luxe - Light Ivory, Taupe, Brown, Rose Pink, Pink, Celadon, Blue, Light Blue, Apricot, Maroon

Princess Snow Drop - Light Ivory, Millennium Silver, Light Blue, Pink, Rose Pink

Peruvian Doll - Olive, Currant, Orange, Festive Fuchsia, Cranberry, Dazzle Pink, Light Pink, Hot Pink, Light Ivory

Imaginary Friends - Aquamarine, Light Ivory, Festive Fuchsia, Clay Red, Apricot, Shocking Pink, Pink, Lime, Apple Green, Forest Green, Black

La Belle - Epoque Evergreen, Maroon, Williamsburg Blue, Blue, Mauve, Rose Pink, Light Ivory

Family Portrait - Beet, Black, Light Ivory

Autumn Highlands - Beet, Dark Orchid, Deep Purple, Festive Fuchsia, Lemonade, Light Ivory, Maroon, Olive, Orange, Pecan

Island Fun - Oatmeal, Taupe, White, Mystic Blue, Sapphire, Apple Green, Celadon, Dazzle Pink, Hot Pink, Light Pink

Mix n' Match - Light Ivory, Brown, Sapphire, Orange, Sarsaparilla, Celadon, Olive, Dark Orchid, Deep Purple, Light Pink Primrose Olive, Celadon, Rose Pink, Old Rose, Beet, Brown, Taupe, Light Ivory

Pretty in Plums - Olive, Light Pink, Pink, Beet, Azalea, Sea Mist, Jade Blue, Deep Purple, Dark Orchid, Dark Navy, Light Ivory

Cherry Pie - Cranberry, Rose Pink, Rose Pink Cherry Print, Emerald, Light Ivory, Light or Dark Navy, Oatmeal

Uniform Shop - White, Oatmeal, Light or Dark Navy

Summer Safari - Yellow Gold, Papaya, Rose Pink, Old Rose, Sarsaparilla, Light Blue, Sea Mist, Celadon, Olive, White, Oatmeal, Light Ivory, Brown

Fiesta Del Sol - Black, Tomato, Celadon, Festive Fuchsia, Yellow, Gold, Light Ivory, Apricot

Tutti Fruity - White, Celadon, Mystic Blue, Yellow, Shocking Pink, Rose Pink, Apricot, Lemonade

Daisy Chain - Apple Green, White, Celadon, Yellow

Garden Bloom - Celadon, Old Rose, Yellow, White, Lemonade, Hot Pink

Palm Springs - Light Blue, White, Apple Green, Apricot, Neon Green, Copen, Tropic Lilac, Hot Pink, Light Pink

Freshly Picked - White, Hot Pink, Orange, Apricot, Celadon, Apple Green

Calypso - Pecan, Hot Pink, Light Pink, White, Rose Pink

Sweethearts - Hot Pink, Pink, Azalea, Shocking Pink, Celadon, Emerald, Mint

2005 Lines

Prep Club - Navy, Emerald, White, Celadon, Yellow

Petite Fleur - Wisteria, Millennium Blue, White, Light Ivory, Rose Pink, Dazzle Pink, Apricot, Celadon, Sarsaparilla, Light Blue

Winter Princess - Rose Pink, Pink, Celadon, Tropic Lilac, Wisteria, Mauve, Festive Fuchsia, Light Ivory, Olive

Tyrolean Lure - Brown, Old Rose, Shocking Pink, Celadon, White, Light Ivory, Olive Sugar and Spice Mystic Blue, Copen, White, Celadon, Red, Light Ivory, Yellow Gold, Old Rose, Brown

Prima Ballerina - White, Rose Pink, Pink, Flannel Gray, Gray, Black

Holiday Traditions - Olive, Light Ivory, Maroon, Azalea, Black, Celadon

Rocky Mountain - Brown, Olive, Celadon, Light Ivory, Orange, Oatmeal, Maroon, Mauve

My Best Friend - Light Navy, Gray, White, Black, Sapphire, Light Blue, Creme

Teacher's Pet - Light Pink, Light Ivory, Shocking Pink, Brown, Turftan, Pecan, Celadon, Creme

Chelsea Girl - Pink, Blue, Light Ivory, Celadon, Brown, Turftan, Navy, Mauve, Shocking Pink

It's a Girl Thing - Light Pink, Black, White

Uniform Shop - Light Navy, White, Creme

Romantic Garden - Light Ivory, Celadon, Azalea, Tropic Lilac, Pink, Apple Green

Hawaiian - Holiday Celadon, Light Coral, Light Ivory

Aloha Wahine - Celadon, Light Coral, Light Ivory, Light Pink, Orange, Papaya, Old Rose

Pool Party - Royal Blue, Blue Magic, Maize, Mystic Blue, Apple Green, White

Hometown Parade - Red, White, Navy, Light Blue

Tropical Paradise - Apple Green, Neon Orange, Celadon, Pink, Sarsaparilla, Rose Pink, Apricot, Hot Pink, Black, Maize, Neon Lime

Bonjour Provence - Dark Orchid, Yellow, Aquamarine, Olive, White, Orange, Light Blue, Maize, Light Coral, Jungle Green

Spring Fun - Apple Green, Tutti Fruitti, Hot Pink, Celadon, White, Orange, Light Blue

Miami Vacation - Light Blue, Blue, Apple Green, Orange, Yellow

Petit Four - Wisteria, Seamist, Millennium Blue, Light Blue, Celadon, Light Pink, Rose Pink

A Bird's Life - Old Rose, Wisteria, Celadon, White

Wildflower Fields - White, Apricot, Maize, Celadon, Apple Green, Emerald Green, Yellow, Orange

Sugar Cookie - White, Dazzle Pink, Apricot, Pink, Neon Green, Blue, Hot Pink, Celadon

2004 Lines

Dandelion Wishes - White, Neon Green, Apple Green, Blue, Light Blue, Navy

Costa Rica - Celadon, Light Ivory, Forest Green, Tropic Lilac, Black, Apple Green

Grown With Love - White, Light Pink, Apricot, Apple Green, Neon Green, Shocking Pink

Giraffe Club - Brown, Light Ivory, Tutti Fruitti, Hot Pink

Tiger Love - Light Ivory, Cranberry, Flannel Gray, Gray

Panda Club - White, Creme, Light Blue, Shocking Pink, Rose Pink, Black

Apres Ski - Blue, Light Ivory, Dark Orchid, Wisteria, Light Blue, Tropic Lilac Bubble Fun Apricot, Hot Pink, Celadon, Blue, Lemonade, White, Copen, Pink, Orange

Skating Princess - Wisteria, Light Ivory, Dark Orchid

Prim and Proper - Millennium Silver, Beet, White, Black, Burgundy

City Sidewalk - Light Ivory, Rose Pink, Black, Hot Pink, Pink, Shocking Pink, White, Flannel Gray, Millennium Silver

Fox Trot - White, Brown, Pink

Hide and Seek - White, Turftan, Apple Green, Light Blue, Celadon, Blue, Dark Royal, Navy

Cute as a Button - Turftan, White, Apple Green, Orange, Pink, Hot Pink, Creme, Gold, Rust, Cranberry, Brown, Light Ivory, Wheat, Lemonade

Mod Zebra - White, Apple Green, Black, Light Ivory

Sunflower Fields - White, Light Navy, Yellow, Apple Green, Orange, Navy, Millennium Blue

European Holiday - White, Light Blue, Navy, Blue, Hot Pink, Dark Orchid, Maize, Millennium Blue

Copa Cabana - White, Shocking Pink, Sarsaparilla, Apple Green, Maroon, Yellow, Orange, Maize

Glamour Princess - White, Pink, Hot Pink, Black, Tropic Lilac, Shocking Pink

Lemony Fresh - White, Shocking Pink, Hot Pink, Pink, Yellow, Maize, Neon Green

Golf Pond - White, Emerald Green, Pink, Hot Pink, Apple Green, Shocking Pink

Candy Apple - White, Neon Green, Navy, Red

Stars and Stripes - Red, White, Navy anything with stars or stripes

Summer Islands - Yellow, Maize, Navy, White, Neon Green

Splash - White, Maize, Celadon, Orange, Blue, Yellow Gold, Mystic Blue, Millennium Blue, Lemonade

Sunshine Daydreams - Shocking Pink, Hot Pink, Celadon, Maize, Yellow, Blue, Orange, White

Tropical Pineapple - Nu Rust, Brown, Jungle Green, Lemonade, Wheat, Celadon

Sweet as Sugar - Lemonade, Millennium Blue, Wheat, Light Blue, Rose Pink, Light Pink, White, Celadon

Strawberry Patch - Pink, Light Pink, Celadon, Apple Green

Groovy Valentine - White, Rose Pink, Light Pink, Cranberry, Pink, Hot Pink anything hearts

Tip Toe - Light Pink, Pink, Celadon, Maize, Apple Green, White, Red, Light Blue

2003 Lines

Vacation Time - Royal Blue, Maize, White

Whale Watching - Navy, White, Red, Millinneum Blue

Flower Blossom - Azalea, Rose Pink, Olive, Red, White, Light Ivory, Hot Pink, Shocking Pink, Celadon

Sweet Cupcake - Light Pink, Pink, Celadon, Maize, Yellow, White

Winter Wonderland - White, Pink, Rose Pink, Hot Pink, Light Pink, Creme

Holiday Magic- White, Black, Rose Pink, Cranberry, Light Pink

Glamour Kitty - Black, Turftan, Pecan, Light Ivory

Folk Song - White, Tropic Lilac, Deep Purple, Festive Fuchsia, Light Ivory

Puppy Love - Light Pink, Pink, Shocking Pink, Brown, Black

Apple for the Teacher - Cranberry, Orange, Navy, Blue, Dusty Rose, Lemonade, Celadon, White, Black, Maroon

Indian Summer - White, Black, Old Rose, Light Pink, Celadon, Millennium Blue, Wisteria

Little Hula Girl - Yellow Gold, Gold, Brown, White, Light Ivory, Dusty Rose

Little Firecracker - Red, White, Royal Blue, Navy

La Playa - White, Apricot, Red, Shocking Pink, Orange, Tutti Fruitti

Leapin' Lily Pads - White, Light Pink, Pink, Celadon, Emerald Green, Apple Green

Rainbow Sherbet - Rose Pink, Hot Pink, Pink, Shocking Pink, Celadon, Blue, Apricot

Tea Party - Light Pink, Celadon, White, Tropic Lilac

Floral Patchwork - Maize, White, Blue, Celadon

Spring Blossoms - Blue, Creme, Tropic Lilac, Celadon, Pink, Light Pink

Valentine and Poppies- White, Red, Apple Green, Navy, Light Pink, Rose Pink, Pink

2002 Lines

Butterflies - Aquamarine, White, Pink, Hot Pink, Oatmeal, Mystic Blue, Apple Green, Celadon, Yellow

Sporting Green - Yellow, Navy, White, Apple Green

Bon Voyage - White, Light Blue, Navy

Strawberry Fields -- White, Rose Pink, Shocking Pink, Celadon

Snow Angels - Light Pink, Light Blue, Celadon, Creme, Dark Orchid, Burgundy

Victorian Charm - Rose Pink, White, Black, Cranberry

Oodles of Poodles - Light Pink, Flannel Gray, Light Ivory, Pink

Sweet Romance - Dark Orchid, Tropic Lilac, Deep Purple, Light Ivory, Navy

 Head of the Class - Celadon, White, Blue, Black, Shocking Pink

Portabello Road - Oatmeal, Festive Fuchsia, Old Rose, Ivory, Deep Purple, Cranberry

Western Prairie - Light Pink, Light Ivory, Blue, Light Blue, Rose Pink, Oatmeal

Ladybug - White, Black, Red

Butterflies - Aquamarine, White, Pink, Hot Pink, Oatmeal, Mystic Blue, Apple Green, Celadon, Yellow

Fruit Punch - Orange, Apricot, Yellow Gold, Neon Green, Apple Green, White, Lemonade, Yellow, Shocking Pink, Hot Pink, Celadon

Easter Basket - Light Pink, White, Rose Pink, Celadon, Millennium Blue, Shocking Pink, Yellow, Blue

Strawberry Fields - White, Rose Pink, Shocking Pink, Celadon try strawberry ribbon

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