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Hi, My name is Donna & Tabetha is my little princess.

What inspired me to create TabbyWabbyRibbons4Bows was my nieces and then Tabetha my sweet daughter / princess who is now 21 years old & still inspires me everyday. As my princess grew, I enjoyed dressing Tabetha in everything pretty & pink princess. Girly from head to toe. Our cute saying was no bow no go so no outfit was complete without a hair bow or a bling tee so she never left the house unless dressed to the nines, LOL! Being a crafty person my whole life this fueled my love and so I created Mommy & Me Tees w/ hairbows, matching hair bows for all outfits ours and yours, baby rompers, hats, shoes nothing was above my bling not even a hair bow @;0) When I decided to make hair bows & had no instructions I resorted to what I had learned at a my local flower shop when I was young and in a girls club after school program. I had a grandmother and mother who would sew and there I was making everything under the sun.Inspired by Tabetha's no bow no go she never left the house with out a hair bow. Next I started selling at local craft shows and on to boutique stores and soon in high end department stores. I would just come up with ideas never knowing where they came from. Every little girl needs a hair bow to complete her outfit and there was that no bow no go saying that carried us for years to come. After my princess was too old for hair bows and off to collage. I turned my love in to selling ribbon, clips and all the supplies needed to make your own. I loved sharing the way I make hair bows and other crafty things. I wanted everyone who comes to our TabbyWabby site or yahoo groups to feel the love I have for people and making every little girl feel like a princess. Check back often as we are always adding more fun things to buy and make. Our patented© bow guide templates from 1986 will be a great addition to your hair bow instructions also.Remember if you ever need something that is not on my site just email me & ask. I love to help make your craft projects easy and fun and affordable. Tabetha is now helping me here at TabbyWabby and we now both share the love in making every little girly girl feel special.

Thank you all for making our dreams come true, Donna & Tabetha
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